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USAR Void Orientation Training Guide for SearchCam 3000 (It's Free!)

Tags: USAR, SearchCam, Search & Rescue

 USAR Training Coming Up? Get the Savox Void Orientation Guide for the SearchCam 3000 for a more effective training day.   It's free to download. The Guide contains illustrations, instructions and a place to take notes. See below for sample content. ...
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Most Popular 2015 Blog Retrospect:  Keep USAR Communications Equipment Well-Maintained and Up-to-Date

Tags: USAR, SearchCam, Batteries

Every day this week, Never Alone blog will look back and feature our most popular blogs of 2015. Day #5 of our most popular blog series brings us a very important reminder for 2016:  Ensure that all your USAR communications equipment is maintained fo...
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2015 in Review: Birth of Tactical Headgear System (THOR) and more

Tags: USAR, Helmet, THOR, DSEI, SearchCam

And what a year it has been !!!
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Reminder to Self: Upgrade SearchCam Batteries & Get Up to 50% More Battery Life

Tags: USAR, SearchCam

Remember to change your batteries every 4 years for maximum performance.
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Lest We Forget: USAR Take-Aways From the Tianjin Explosion

Tags: USAR

The recent explosion in the harbor city of Tianjin is a sobering reminder of the potential of mankind to create disasters; what we should do to prevent them; and the importance of proper equipment and training for those responding to these catastroph...
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"Puppy Love" - USAR Technology Rescues Trapped Puppy

Tags: USAR, Delsar

IT'S NOT OFTEN we get to write a story with a happy ending. But here's one for you: Once upon a time, a little Yorkie terrier became curious about a very, very long pipe buried deep underground near his home. The puppy, (we'll just call him "Yorkie")...
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