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FAQ's for Transportation & Logistics using the new Savox Remote Speaker Microphone

Tags: PoC, PTT, RSM, Transportation

Everything you need to know about the new Savox Promate mobileRSM   The Savox mobileRSM, a wired vehicle speaker microphone, was recently released at IWCE in Las Vegas. Featuring an extra-loud speaker output, a dash mounted clip, and an extra-long ca...
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CRMP Selects Savox BTR-155 Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone to Save Costs

Tags: PoC, PTT, RSM, Transportation

Press Release
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Savox Announces Promate mobileRSM Wired Vehicle Speaker Microphone

Tags: Hot Topics for Tradeshows, PoC, Promate, RSM, Radio Accessories, Transportation

PRESS RELEASE Designed specifically for the needs of truck drivers, the Savox Promate mobileRSM® works with tablets,  smartphones and push-to-talk apps to deliver reliable, cost-effective fleet management Burnaby, BC and Lincoln, NE, March 15, 2016 –...
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Most Popular 2015 Blog Retrospect: Which Should You Use?  PTT or RSM?

Tags: PoC, PTT, RSM, Radio Accessories

Every day this week, Never Alone blog will look back and feature our most popular blogs of 2015. Day #4 of our Most Popular Blogs of 2015 answers the question, Which Should you Use?  A Push-to-Talk (PTT) Button or Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM)? Ans...
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Which Should You Use: A Push-to-Talk Button or a Remote Speaker Microphone?

Tags: PoC, PTT, RSM, Radio Accessories

The right choice depends on your use case and work environment.   Use a Push-to-Talk button (PTT) when… You just want a simple button to open the transmission on the radio. It’s your best choice if:   You always use a headset for radio communications...
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Savox On Safety

Tags: PTT, RSM

From Kaboom to no boom:  why we practice intrinsic safety From the devastation in Tianjin, China to a random spark on your worksite, naval ship or oil refinary tomorrow, there’s one thing we know for certain: if it’s an unintentional explosion, nobod...
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