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3 Easy Steps to Choose the Right Radio Accessory

Tags: How to, Headsets, PTT, Radio Accessories

Needing help to decide what kind of radio accessories to purchase?   Follow these three easy steps: 1.  Choose radio accessories that address the needs of your working environment.  Radio accessories are generally divided into a few categories such a...
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Try-Out Savox Sub-Miniature Covert Radio Earpieces (For Free!)

Tags: Headsets, Radio Accessories, Covert

Free Trial! Used by US federal and government services, as well as law enforcement and private security users, Savox's covert product line is designed for discreet operations.
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Hear the Sound Quality of a Bone-Conductive Microphone

Tags: Classic, Headsets, Bone Conduction, Helmet, Benefits

Test Drive the Savox HC-1 bone-conductive microphone. Ever wondered what the sound quality is like using a bone conductive microphone? Here's your chance to find out and tell us what you think:  Listen Here. The HC-1 is designed for professionals wor...
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Radio Accessories Buying Guide Including PTT, RSMs, & Radio Headsets

Tags: How to, Headsets, PTT, Radio Accessories

3 Steps For Choosing the Right Radio Accessories Choosing radio accessories can be a complicated task.  You'll want to give consideration to new technologies, device compatibility and reliability, as well as the operational requirements for your radi...
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Don't Be Fooled by Knock-off Headsets

Tags: Headsets, Bone Conduction

Cheap, knock-off products have been readily available in many industries including fashion, clothing and jewelry.  But did you know that look-alike (and even counterfeit) bone conduction headsets are also making their way into the market?   Savox mea...
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DSEI Special Report on Advances in Soldier Interface Technology

Tags: Headsets, THOR, Tactical Headgear System, DSEI

Just Released is the DSEI 2015 Special Report "Advances in Soldier Interface Technology for Modern Military Operations" . Within the report find this detailed and informative article entitled "Connected Headgear for the Connected Soldier" featuring T...
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New Wired Headset for Use with Smartphones & Tablets

Tags: Headsets, PoC, Promate

PROMATE SH-01 Released It's here!  Savox has just released the newest wired headset that's a perfect solution for Zello PTT users.   Even in the most extreme conditions, the Promate SH-01 is affordable (less expensive than a speaker microphone) and p...
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How to mount the SAVOX Classic HC-1 headset into the Gallet F1 helmet?

Tags: Classic, How to, Headsets, Bone Conduction, Helmet

Using bone conduction headsets with tight helmets? As you know the Classic HC-1 comes pre-assembled in the sales package with the generic arm & strap assembly. However many of our customers are using the Gallet F1 series of helmets. The universal mou...
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