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2015 in Review: Birth of Tactical Headgear System (THOR) and more

Tags: USAR, Helmet, THOR, DSEI, SearchCam

And what a year it has been !!!
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THOR Tactical Headgear Gets the Royal Treatment

Tags: THOR, IMP, Tactical Headgear System, DSEI

Notes from DSEi Part 2. While 2015 DSEi is now behind us, we are still catching up with post-show news!
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THOR Tactical Headgear Makes DSEi Debut

Tags: Helmet, THOR, Tactical Headgear System, DSEI

Notes from DSEi Part 1. While we have been attending DSEi since 2007, this year’s event totally blew us away with the launch of THOR tactical headgear. Our stand was packed solid for four days and all nine of our Savox hosts were busy showing off our...
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The Heat Is On! Communications Equipment for Extreme Environments


The Savox IMP tactical vehicle intercom solution was first designed and tested in the Far North and is proven to withstand cold and wet conditions. But now we’re pleased to tell you that IMP is also proven to withstand hot and harsh conditions as wel...
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DSEI Special Report on Advances in Soldier Interface Technology

Tags: Headsets, THOR, Tactical Headgear System, DSEI

Just Released is the DSEI 2015 Special Report "Advances in Soldier Interface Technology for Modern Military Operations" . Within the report find this detailed and informative article entitled "Connected Headgear for the Connected Soldier" featuring T...
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Keep Talking – Choosing a RIB Intercom System

Tags: Hot Topics for Tradeshows, Platform intercom, IMP, C4i, DSEI

  Picture this:  You're in a Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat (RIB) and you're going high speed in rough waters.  Water is splashing all over you and it's a pitch black night.  You need to stay upright and in the boat, as well as prepare for the impact o...
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Are NVGs Giving You a Pain in the Neck?…….. Not Any More.

Tags: Hot Topics for Tradeshows, THOR, Tactical Headgear System, DSEI

  Authored by Jaakko Havola, Product Manager, Savox Communications Today’s modern western defense forces utilize a variety of night vision goggles (NVGs) depending on type of troop and specific mission requirements.  Most typically the NVG is treated...
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