Savox Adds Mobile Phone & PoC Applications for Covert Communications

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Savox Adds Support for Mobile Phones and POC Applications to Popular Covert Communications Product Line

With new mobile phone and POC application compatibility, Savox Covert meets growing demand from security and surveillance teams for lightweight, unobtrusive accessories that enable discreet communications using a mobile phone

Burnaby, BC – July 18, 2016 Savox Communications, announced today that the company’s Covert product line, an established line for security services, law enforcement and other surveillance teams, now supports mobile devices and POC applications. As security and surveillance teams rapidly move from radio-based communications to mobile phones, Savox Covert delivers secure, reliable and discreet communications accessories.

“Our customer base agrees that mobile phones are much smaller and lighter than the smallest and lightest radio and therefore much easier to conceal. Furthermore, mobile phone LTE networks provide a much better coverage than radios. The Savox Covert product line is second to none in terms of security and reliability and we are proud to make this product available for radio and POC users,” said Joel Johnson Head of Development, Savox North-America and Covert Product Manager.

Savox Covert Product Line

From the most sophisticated, wireless solution for “deep” covert operations, to simple, cost effective products for light surveillance duties, the Savox Covert product line delivers a range of lightweight, unobtrusive accessories that allow discreet communications in all situations using a mobile phone. Feature products include Savox Clarity and the Covert Base Unit:

Savox Clarity, offers a unique three point system that consists of a combination of encryption, field manipulation and modulation scheme. In addition to industry-standard interference-free features, the Clarity neckloop offers Savox interception free communication patterns.

Covert Base Unit (CBU), a modular covert unit that allows users to customize the covert communication accessory to any covert operation by offering the choice of using an inductive loop or a brooch to transmit incoming communication to the Savox wireless covert radio earpiece.

Savox Convert products are used in the following environments: deep covert operations, surveillance and anti-terror, VIP and diplomatic protection, police and law enforcement and commercial and store security and delivers the following benefits:

  • Provides totally discreet communication using a mobile phone
  • Converts existing mobile phone into a covert solution
  • Wireless solutions for maximum freedom
  • Interference-free products provide clear and secure communications in EMF prone environments
  • Tone options allow communication even when speech is impossible
  • Works with most of the leading manufacturers mobile phone and POC apps

About Savox Communications

Savox Communications was founded in 1982 and today is one of the largest professional communication solution providers in the world delivering communications products designed for use in demanding and hazardous environments by military, maritime, police, security, fire, rescue, and industrial end users. The Savox Communications Group, with headquarters in Luxembourg and operations in Finland, Germany, France, the UK, the US, Canada and the PRC, has created a global manufacturing network to support customers in all of its main geographical markets.

Savox is currently offering free trials on covert products to qualified organizations.

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For more information on the product or to check pricing or availability, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. 

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Posted by Savox Marketing on Jul 18, 2016 2:00:00 PM

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