FAQ's for Transportation & Logistics using the new Savox Remote Speaker Microphone

Everything you need to know about the new Savox Promate mobileRSM


promate.jpg The Savox mobileRSM, a wired vehicle speaker microphone, was recently released at IWCE in Las Vegas. Featuring an extra-loud speaker output, a dash mounted clip, and an extra-long cable, the Savox Promote mobileRSM  was designed to meet the unique needs of logistics and transportation companies.  Want to know more?  Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.


How does mobileRSM differ from a standard RSM?

Unlike other solutions in the market, Savox mobileRSM has been designed to meet the unique requirements of drivers for in-vehicle use including:

  • An extra-long cable to enable drivers to step outside their vehicles and survey their trucks while carrying the mobileRSM.
  • A charging port at the end of the audio cable that continuously connects a mobile device to the vehicle power.
  • A dash-mounted clip, allowing drivers to hook the mobileRSM onto a dash-mounted mic holder.
  • The loudest volume output in the market.
  • Certified for in-vehicle use and meets several MIL-STD specifications. mobileRSM meets regulations of the US Department of Transportation (DOT).

How is the mobileRSM different from a mobile radio?

mobileRSM is connected to a tablet or smartphone using a PTT application to enable organizations to combine several communications applications onto one mobile device, creating more a cost efficient and smarter fleet management system. As the same time, mobileRSM operates the same as a mobile radio mic so drivers will require little, if any, training.

What does the mobileRSM box contain?

The mobileRSM box contains:

  • Mobile remote speaker mic
  • USB-cable to connect to Savox recommended chargers or wall-chargers
  • Dash-mounted clip that can be inserted into the back to hook it onto your dash-mount holder
  • Quick guide

I’m currently using mobile radios at my company, how can I easily switch to a mobile POC solution?

The switch from standard radio devices to a mobile POC solution is fast and simple. And because it operates the same as a mobile radio solution, the solution does not require extensive retraining for drivers.

POC Infographic

See more with this POC infographic 

What other products do I require to use the mobileRSM?

The mobileRSM is a push-to-talk over cellular (POC) product and requires a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, a data plan, and a PTT app to provide full functionality.

Do I need to charge the mobileRSM?

mobileRSM is designed to be used inside of the cabin. It offers a charging port at the end of the cable, so it stays connected to the vehicle power and can be used while being charged.

Can I leave the mobileRSM in the vehicle overnight even when it is cold?

Yes, the storage temperature of the mobileRSM is -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F), and operating temperature is -20 to 60 C (-4 to 140 F) withstands most overnight environments.

Can I keep using my mobile radio mic holder that I have already installed in the truck?

Yes, the mobileRSM dash-mount clip inserts into your existing mic holder.

Which POC apps does mobileRSM support?

As the leader in POC accessories, Savox works with more than 50 app makers around the world and is the most integrated POC accessory maker in the world. If you would like to know more about our accessories and the applications we support contact a Savox Sales Representative.

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Which mobile devices does mobileRSM support?

mobileRSM supports all mobile devices with a 3.5mm 4-pole CTIA headphone jack which is the industry standard for all major mobile device manufacturers.

I’m changing my POC app provider, do I have to buy a new mobileRSM?

Unlike other solutions on the market, Savox Promate RSM-30 and mobileRSM is compatible with more than 50 apps, enabling our customers to easily switch from one POC application to another. With the Savox mobileRSM you do not need to buy a new RSM should you decide to change your app maker.

What kind of converters can be used with mobileRSM?

Savox offers a charger which is vehicle approved and is recommended to be used with the mobileRSM. If you wish to use an existing converter, it needs to provide 5V and minimum 1A to work with mobileRSM.

How do I initiate a PTT call?

If you have the POC app running, simply press the PTT button.

Can I also answer regular phone calls with the mobileRSM?

Yes, simply press the multi-function button once.

For more information on the product or to check pricing or availability, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. 

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Posted by Daniel Hackl on Apr 15, 2016 2:00:00 PM

Topics: PoC, PTT, RSM, Transportation

Daniel Hackl

Daniel Hackl is Product Manager for PoC at Savox.

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