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Picture this:  You're in a Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat (RIB) and you're going high speed in rough waters.  Water is splashing all over you and it's a pitch black night.  You need to stay upright and in the boat, as well as prepare for the impact of the next wave.  You also need a reliable intercom system for your on board communications so that you can communicate with your team but, UGH, there's a variety of different radios installed on the boat and they're not "talking" to each other.

So what's the answer?  Here are the 4 things you'll want to consider when choosing a RIB intercom system.

1. System Requirements

In a nutshell, plan for the future. And the future is digital!

While there are a number of RIB communications systems available today ranging from basic analog intercom systems to scalable Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4i) enabled systems.  The trend is towards digital intercom systems which coincide with increased requirements for integration with navigational and battle management systems, and even remote weapons systems.

2. Size and Configuration of Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat

Consider the size and configuration of your RIB. As space restrictions are always an issue, you’ll want to source a digital intercom system with the smallest footprint. Look for a modular system design with simple and standardized mounting so that you can utilize those small pockets of available space as mounting points for the different system components needed.

3. What’s Your Number?

Your choices of an intercom system get narrower when you consider the number of crew, where they sit, and their communications requirements for their role on the RIB. Can you actually supply them with their required communications capabilities from their assigned seat location? Some crew members may need only intercom capabilities -  while others may need intercom AND C4i systems integration.

4. Radio Integration – Wave of the Future

While the digitization of radios is certainly the wave of the future, analog radios are in abundance right now and will likely continue to be with us for quite a few years to come. Complexities abound: analog vs. digital, narrow band vs. broadband, as well fixed frequency vs. hopping frequency radios should not be underestimated as we move through this transition period.

The answer to the above complexities is modular, software defined intercom systems. With this new generation of intercom system both users and organizations can easily  and quickly update their software and add a new module to the system for increased functionality.

That's how you make sure you choose the best RIB intercom solution! 

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Stay tuned to the Savox blog.  We're keeping abreast with radio digitization and our radio accessories line-up will offer broad choices to end users for now and into the future.


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Posted by Mikael Westerlund on Aug 13, 2015 11:00:00 AM

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