How to Choose a Remote Speaker Microphone for Fire Operations


Reliable radio communication during fire operations is vital to ensuring the safety of rescue personnel and enables the work of firefighting to be more effective; therefore helping to save lives and property.An essential component of firefighter communication kits are remote speaker microphones (RSMs). Specifically, fire fighters need RSMs that are easy to operate with gloved hands, can withstand high temperatures and offer the option of using the RSM with or without a headset.

But choosing the "right" RSM can be a complicated task. Your choice of RSM depends upon your individual user requirements and the operational demands of your fire and rescue operations.

Consider these 8 things when choosing a RSM for fire operations:

  1. Is the RSM certified to withstand high temperatures? explosive environments?, dust, dirt and moisture?
  2. Is it ruggedized to withstand demanding fire environments on a regular basis?
  3. Can you operate the RSM with gloved hands?
  4. Is the RSM being used under a PPE?
  5. What kind of headset options are available?
  6. Do you need an RSM that is compatible with analog or digital radios?
  7. What kind of user-configuration or programmable features are available?
  8. What kind of service and warranty is offered by the manufacturer? (Radio accessories generally have a work life of 5-10 years.)

Savox Communications provides a range of RSMs for fire operations. Choose a RSM that is suitable for your specific work environment from these options: The Savox C-C500, cost-effective tried and true RSM; Savox C-C550, updated version of the C-C500; and Savox XG C-C1, the most versatile and up-to-date dual RSM/Push-to-Talk (PTT) on the market today.

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Posted by Savox Marketing on Nov 16, 2016 7:08:00 PM

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