New vessel class win for COTS-based intercom system

The SAVOX IMP is a C4i-capable platform intercom system (based upon Compontents Of The Shelf, COTS technology) that is being deployed on yet another vessel class. Since 2014 SAVOX IMP C4I-capable intercom system has been in use on smaller RIB and Patrol type vessels when the first 100m Offshore Patrol and Multirole Class vessel  was brought into operational use. 

Today, we can now announce that our system has been chosen as the command and control system for a Minelayer Upgrade Program for a non-disclosed customer. The installation work will start in 2016 and will be finished in 2017.

The command, control and communications system chosen


The systems being deployed on the minelayers as part of this upgrade program take advantage of the SAVOX IMP software-defined intercom system features:

  1. Ease of integration
  2. Ease of installation
  3. Easy updates
  4. Easy upgrades
  5. Easy expansions

In general the aging fleets of surface warships are in desperate need of upgrades in order to keep them up-to-date and capable of responding to today’s existing and emerging threats. We hear repeatedly that many navies are concerned about their ability to provide continuous capability upgrades over the next couple of years, and we see an increasing demand for larger marine vessel upgrades.

Are you considering an intercom system purchase for an upgrade program or new build? Find out more about the Savox software-defined intercom system with its proven track record being used in hostile marine situations.

Choosing the right C3 system -whitepaper


For more information on features and benefits of the SAVOX IMP software-defined intercom system, technical capabilities and references, contact the Savox Sales Group.

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For more information on the product or to check pricing or availability, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. 

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Posted by Mikael Westerlund on Jan 22, 2016 8:46:45 AM

Topics: Platform intercom, IMP, C4i, Defense

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