Field Testing a Savox Bone Conduction Mic, RSM and PTT

We sent the Savox design team, approvals managers and sales people on a day trip to see some of the best "smoke diving" trainers in the Northern Hemisphere.  In this real simulation training exercise wearing full equipment, we wanted to ensure that our existing products meet real world challenges, and that we continue to design/manufacture products for real life situations.


Firefighters face intense scenarios every day, all while trying to save both property and lives. Firefighters and the equipment are subject to heat, smoke, water and even explosions as they work. At Savox, we work to test our products first-hand, stress testing each of our products to ensure they will last through even the harshest situations. By doing so we can continue to provide the great products and support our customers have come to expect.


About the  Visit to the Finnish Emergency Services College

We sent our sales and design teams to visit the Finnish Emergency Services College in Cuopio, Finland, to put our equipment to the test in real world environments. As one of the largest firefighting training grounds in Europe, with over 38 hectares of facilities, the Finnish Emergency Services College was the perfect place to see Savox products working in real-use scenarios. Hearing feedback and watching our products in action gives us the opportunity to continue to provide the best products and stay connected with our customers.         

Firefighters on the training grounds tested our equipment during smoke-diving training, and, as expected, noted that when in full firefighting gear – including a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), helmet, protective clothing and gloves – operating a radio can be incredibly challenging. Radio’s may be difficult to reach, dropped, or hard to see in heavy smoke, and require at least one free hand in order to operate it.

Using the Savox XG HC-1 bone conduction microphone headset and XG C-C1 RSM

That’s why our bone conduction headsets (like the XG HC-1), when paired with a durable and rugged remote speaker mic, also acting as your push-to-talk unit for your radio (like the XG C-C1) demonstrated their ideal design in these tests, as they provide many different options for wear depending on an individual’s equipment and preference, such as under a fire jacket, or attached to a waist belt or SCBA harness. Not only do these two devices combine to be comfortable and easy-to-use, but provide clear and crisp radio communication even in the loudest environments. The XG HC-1 headset is durable, light-weight, and mounts to almost any type of helmet without tools, making it a convenient and practical choice not only for firefighters, but all professionals working in hazardous situations.

What would you like us to test next?

So, what should we test next? At Savox, we complete a broad number of trials and field tests throughout the development process of products in order to ensure they are suitable to every situation in which they may be used. We like to see first-hand how our customers use our products to ensure that we are developing great products and continue to provide information and support even after equipment is purchased. A short overview of tests we might conduct during development can be seen in the following video:

Watch the Video Here

Do you think there is a relevant environment we should test in? Let us know in the comments section,  below. If your suggestion is added to our testing list, we will name it after you!

Read more about heat-testing the Savox XG C-C1 to 520F Degrees.

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