CRMP Selects Savox BTR-155 Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone to Save Costs

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BTR-155_RSM_web.png Burnaby, BC and Lincoln, NE – March 17, 2016 Commercial Ready Mix Products, Inc. (CRMP), a 40+ year-old mixed concrete producer, employs the latest technology and equipment and highly trained staff to earn a reputation for exceeding customer expectations. The company recently replaced the company’s costly and ineffective 2-way radio communications system used by its drivers with Verizon tablets, apps for in-cab telematics, tracking and PoC and the Bluetooth-enabled Savox BTR-155 remote speaker microphone. Used by more than 100 drivers, this new solution has enabled CRMP to significantly reduce its communications infrastructure costs and improve driver safety.

Andrew Eger, Communications/Distribution Technology Manager at CRMP needed to address two issues: first, costs for its 100+ (and still growing)-vehicle, in-cab telematics solution with 2-way radios for communication were spiraling out of control – an ongoing cycle of repairs, exchanges, buying more equipment, licensing fees, and equipment fees. Secondly, driver safety was problematic because drivers weren’t able to communicate easily with 2-way radios when outside their trucks.

“We wanted a robust, scalable, and cost-efficient solution,” says Mr. Eger. “One that would let us manage the change-over comfortably and would scale throughout the organization. I also thought a Bluetooth solution would be a significant advantage.”

Mr. Eger researched the Savox BTR-155 remote speaker microphone and decided to build his solution from there. Ultimately, CRMP implemented a solution comprised of Command Alkon’s FiveCubits telematics solution, Verizon tablets to manage in-cab telematics, and FiveCubits’ app TrackIt integrated with Zello, a powerful PoC app (unlimited channels, up to 300 users per channel) that works seamlessly with the Bluetooth-enabled Savox BTR-155.

Installation of cradles and tablets in truck cabs was simple and could be scaled in. User training on the new system took a mere 15 minutes per user. In addition, ROI on the new system is projected at about 24 months, versus 6 years for the older telematics and 2-way radio system.

With this new solution, drivers can communicate on any Wi-Fi or data plan, both inside and outside of the cab, solving those vital driver safety concerns.

“I was so convinced that I should use the Savox BTR-155 remote speaker microphone, that if any hardware or software were not compatible with the microphone, I wouldn’t have considered it,” explained Mr. Eger. “There are no other good Bluetooth solutions out there in the market.”

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