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Analog vs Digital Radio Accessories:7 Things You Need to Know

Tags: Radio Accessories

What’s right for you? 
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Which Should You Use: A Push-to-Talk Button or a Remote Speaker Microphone?

Tags: PoC, PTT, RSM, Radio Accessories

The right choice depends on your use case and work environment.   Use a Push-to-Talk button (PTT) when… You just want a simple button to open the transmission on the radio. It’s your best choice if:   You always use a headset for radio communications...
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Don't Be Fooled by Knock-off Headsets

Tags: Headsets, Bone Conduction

Cheap, knock-off products have been readily available in many industries including fashion, clothing and jewelry.  But did you know that look-alike (and even counterfeit) bone conduction headsets are also making their way into the market?   Savox mea...
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