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Naval Vessel Command and Control Capability Upgrades, Is It Worth It?

Tags: Platform intercom, Defense

While many countries’ naval fleets need immediate updates or replacements, we also find ourselves living in a world of increasing threats.  How can large naval fleets keep up with the demands of aging fleets coupled with the downward pressure on defe...
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2015 in Review: Birth of Tactical Headgear System (THOR) and more

Tags: USAR, Helmet, THOR, DSEI, SearchCam

And what a year it has been !!!
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5 Take-Aways from the Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2016

Tags: Platform intercom, IMP, C4i

Defence IQ recently published their 5th Annual Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2016. The report finds that confidence is at a five-year high in the global armoured vehicle market due to rising defence budgets, new contract opportunities and bi...
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THOR Tactical Headgear Gets the Royal Treatment

Tags: THOR, IMP, Tactical Headgear System, DSEI

Notes from DSEi Part 2. While 2015 DSEi is now behind us, we are still catching up with post-show news!
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THOR Tactical Headgear Makes DSEi Debut

Tags: Helmet, THOR, Tactical Headgear System, DSEI

Notes from DSEi Part 1. While we have been attending DSEi since 2007, this year’s event totally blew us away with the launch of THOR tactical headgear. Our stand was packed solid for four days and all nine of our Savox hosts were busy showing off our...
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The Heat Is On! Communications Equipment for Extreme Environments


The Savox IMP tactical vehicle intercom solution was first designed and tested in the Far North and is proven to withstand cold and wet conditions. But now we’re pleased to tell you that IMP is also proven to withstand hot and harsh conditions as wel...
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Lest We Forget: USAR Take-Aways From the Tianjin Explosion

Tags: USAR

The recent explosion in the harbor city of Tianjin is a sobering reminder of the potential of mankind to create disasters; what we should do to prevent them; and the importance of proper equipment and training for those responding to these catastroph...
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DSEI Special Report on Advances in Soldier Interface Technology

Tags: Headsets, THOR, Tactical Headgear System, DSEI

Just Released is the DSEI 2015 Special Report "Advances in Soldier Interface Technology for Modern Military Operations" . Within the report find this detailed and informative article entitled "Connected Headgear for the Connected Soldier" featuring T...
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Keep Talking – Choosing a RIB Intercom System

Tags: Hot Topics for Tradeshows, Platform intercom, IMP, C4i, DSEI

  Picture this:  You're in a Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat (RIB) and you're going high speed in rough waters.  Water is splashing all over you and it's a pitch black night.  You need to stay upright and in the boat, as well as prepare for the impact o...
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How to mount the SAVOX Classic HC-1 headset into the Gallet F1 helmet?

Tags: Classic, How to, Headsets, Bone Conduction, Helmet

Using bone conduction headsets with tight helmets? As you know the Classic HC-1 comes pre-assembled in the sales package with the generic arm & strap assembly. However many of our customers are using the Gallet F1 series of helmets. The universal mou...
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