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Special Forces Communication Gear Challenges and Our Helping Solution

Introducing the Savox TRICS® - The New Special Forces Communications Solution

Special Forces Communication Gear - Four Common Challenges

The Big Red PTT Button is Dead, Long Live the Big Red PTT Button

4 Things you didn't know could be combined in PoC audio accessories

Meet Promate BT COM - versatile and professional PTT with Android support

3 Things You Need to Consider when Preparing for SOLAS

We are happy to introduce the new Savox Promate Lite COM, push-to-talk device

SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) firefighting communication requirements

Quality First - Savox Awarded with ISO 9001:2015 and AQAP 2110 Certificates

Important Information for Savox Entrylink Users: Entrylink Compatibility for Windows 8/10


How to Choose a Remote Speaker Microphone for Fire Operations

Analog vs Digital Radio Accessories:7 Things You Need to Know

3 Easy Steps to Choose the Right Radio Accessory

Choosing the Right Covert Audio Accessories

How to Ensure Successful Installation of PoC Solutions

Connect Your Icom Radio to XG C-C1 Dual Remote Speaker Microphone/PTT

Four Things to Know When Implementing Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC)

Try-Out Savox Sub-Miniature Covert Radio Earpieces (For Free!)

XG C-C1 Remote Speaker Mic SurvivesThrough Fire and Flood

Savox Adds Mobile Phone & PoC Applications for Covert Communications

RSM-30 and ESChat Setup Guide (Easy)

Choosing the Right Mobile Device for Push-to-talk Over Cellular (PoC)

Special Report on Next Generation C4i Enabling Tactical Intercom Solutions for Modern Military Platforms

Notes from the Field:TEEX Technical Search & Rescue Training Program

Adoption of Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (POC) Varies by Industry

USAR Void Orientation Training Guide for SearchCam 3000 (It's Free!)

Field Testing a Savox Bone Conduction Mic, RSM and PTT

C-C1 Heat Tested to 520F (271C)

Do's & Don'ts of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers Using a Mobile Device

Savox completes delivery IMP C4i-enabling Battle Communications Intercom Systems for Middle East customer

First Time in SE Asia: THOR Tactical Headgear and IMP Tactical Intercom on Show at DSA 2016

FAQ's for Transportation & Logistics using the new Savox Remote Speaker Microphone

CRMP Selects Savox BTR-155 Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone to Save Costs

Savox Announces Promate mobileRSM Wired Vehicle Speaker Microphone

Savox to Exhibit at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE)

New vessel class win for COTS-based intercom system

Naval Vessel Command and Control Capability Upgrades, Is It Worth It?

Using Savox RSM-30 to Communicate with Friends While Skiing

Most Popular 2015 Blog Retrospect:  Keep USAR Communications Equipment Well-Maintained and Up-to-Date

Most Popular 2015 Blog Retrospect: Which Should You Use?  PTT or RSM?

Most Popular 2015 Blog Retrospect:  – Choosing a RIB Intercom System

Most Popular of 2015 Retrospect: Benefits of Push-to-Talk Over Cellular

Most Popular Blog Retrospect:  Are NVG’s Giving You a Pain in the Neck?

2015 in Review: Birth of Tactical Headgear System (THOR) and more


Improving Team Communications with PoC

Hear the Sound Quality of a Bone-Conductive Microphone

Limited Time Deal on PTT Radio Accessory

5 Take-Aways from the Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2016

Which Should You Use: A Push-to-Talk Button or a Remote Speaker Microphone?

Savox On Safety

BTR-155 and ESChat Setup Guide (Easy)

Reminder to Self: Upgrade SearchCam Batteries & Get Up to 50% More Battery Life

Radio Accessories Buying Guide Including PTT, RSMs, & Radio Headsets

THOR Tactical Headgear Gets the Royal Treatment

THOR Tactical Headgear Makes DSEi Debut

Con-Space Infographic | New Rules for Construction

The Heat Is On! Communications Equipment for Extreme Environments

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular | Infographic

Don't Be Fooled by Knock-off Headsets

Lest We Forget: USAR Take-Aways From the Tianjin Explosion

Size Matters. Choosing the Right Tactical Vehicle Intercom Solution

DSEI Special Report on Advances in Soldier Interface Technology

Keep Talking – Choosing a RIB Intercom System

Are NVGs Giving You a Pain in the Neck?…….. Not Any More.

"Puppy Love" - USAR Technology Rescues Trapped Puppy

New Wired Headset for Use with Smartphones & Tablets

How to mount the SAVOX Classic HC-1 headset into the Gallet F1 helmet?

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