Improving Team Communications with PoC

While two-way radios have served as reliable communications devices for decades, we now have a newer technology called Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) that’s more efficient and affordable.  AND organizations can easily test and scale PoC without making huge financial or organizational change commitments.Download Guide to PoC Communications

Most companies are currently equipped with mobile phones and data plans; all that’s needed is a PTT app subscription to gain PoC capabilities. Essentially a PoC app turns a mobile phone, or tablet, into a two-way radio.  (Note that PoC app makers are continuously creating customized solutions for specific industries to take advantage of the many functions a mobile phone offers.)

Advantages to PoC

Unlike regular cell phones that allow 1:1 communication, PoC offers 1: many communication.  Using PoC significantly improves inter-and intra-group communications and even allows international group communication through the data network.


Low Risk Testing and Scaling PoC

Realizing that a hard switch from radio to PoC may be too risky for some companies, PTT application providers are investing in PTT apps that integrate PoC into 2-way communications.  This allows mobile phone users to communicate on existing radio channels and companies can successfully scale their adoption rate up to a suitable point where 2-way radios are completely replaced by PoC.

Want to find out more about a practical approach to using PoC for improved team communications?  Download this 10-page guide and get all the details.

Download Guide to PoC Communications

If you have any questions about PoC and how it can enhance efficiencies within your organization, contact Savox and we’d be happy to provide advice for you.

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Posted by Daniel Hackl on Nov 24, 2015 7:07:34 PM

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Daniel Hackl

Daniel Hackl is Product Manager for PoC at Savox.