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Special Forces Communication Gear Challenges and Our Helping Solution

Posted by Mikael Westerlund on Mar 8, 2018 9:56:51 AM

In our previously published blog we discussed the common challenges Special Forces face these days due to rapidly changing missions and environments. Our solution to these challenges is the Savox Tactical Radio and Intercom Controller System - the Savox TRICS.


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Communication challenge #1 - What communication gear to use in different mission phases (brief/planning, waiting/standby, in action/post-action, mission debrief)?

How does the Savox TRICS® -Special Forces Communication Gear respond to this challenge?

The Savox TRICS® provides a unique Remote speaker microphone function which allows the users to use the device even in all mission phases, waiting as well as the real action phase. Typically all Special forces comm’s systems are only usable when using a headset of some sort. Now we provide the user the option of operating the full suite of connected devices whilst not dressing any headset.  

Communication challenge #2 - What communication gear to use in combination with the different communication devices and still be able to operate each of them efficiently?

How does the Savox TRICS® - Special Forces Communication Gear respond to this challenge?

The Savox TRICS® supports both wired and wireless connection of devices. The dynamic routing capabilities of the Savox TRICS® allows the customization of capabilities either on an operator or unit level. Depending on the mission phase that you are in and the chosen mission configuration the Savox TRICS® device can easily follow the user and scale with the requirements.

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Communication challenge #3 - What communication gear to use when using a full matrix of protective equipment and still wanting to be able to communicate with non-team members?

How does the Savox TRICS® -Special Forces Communications Gear respond to this challenge?

TRICS® offers: intuitive design, Stable fixture to Molle straps, different mounting clip options, big and easily found buttons with distinct tactile feel even with gloved hands, primary communication channel easily configured for the biggest button. In addition to these great capabilities the Savox TRICS® device provides the operators with a Voice-amplifier capability. This voice amplifier capability can be used when using a headset or mask integrated microphone to communicate with victims/civilians or hostiles. Yet again, a groundbreaking capability from Savox integrated to a Special Forces communications solution, reducing the need to carry excess weight and equipment.

Communication challenge #4 - What communication gear can provide the broadest headset options for the varying mission requirements?

How does the Savox TRICS®- Special Forces Communication Gear respond to this challenge? 

The Savox TRICS® supports a wide range of earpieces and headsets. Starting from simple earbud type earpiece for simple guard or watch type of duties, scaling up towards fully integrated tactical headgear systems for the mission action phase and Special Forces operator. As the scope of Special Forces missions evolve the headset support of the Savox TRICS® Special Forces communications gear also evolves. Now for the first time we can also provide a fully covert communications option for use with this type of complex tactical controller device that the Savox TRICS® represents.

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