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Savox completes delivery IMP C4i-enabling Battle Communications Intercom Systems for Middle East customer

Posted by Mikael Westerlund on Apr 18, 2016 1:00:00 AM

Savox completes the delivery of the tactical intercom systems to large Middle East customer 

Leading provider of C4i intercom and communications solutions for defence, security and professional public safety users, Savox Communications, (DSA 2016, Stand #3007), has completed the delivery of a large volume of its IMP C4i-enabling Intercom systems to an undisclosed Middle Eastern customer, as part of a major vehicle and platform retrofit & upgrade programme.

Choosing the right C3 system -whitepaper

Now that the deliveries have been completed on time, under the terms of a frame agreement signed late last year valued in excess of €10million, the customer has begun installation of the systems aboard a large and varying range of platforms. These include land-based armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), armoured personnel carriers, as well as light recon vehicles and, at sea, a range of maritime vessels of different sizes. 


Savox Communications CEO, Jerry Kettunen, said, “We’ve now completed the all the systems integration work and the client has begun managing the process of installation. They are working to guidelines based on the sample vehicles we have provided, along with our documentation and our comprehensive personnel training.”


IMP is a next-generation, lightweight, digital communications C4i-enabling system and, together with its variants, supports intercom, radio and data transmission in one solution. The system has been designed for use aboard AFVs, including MBTs and self-propelled guns, as well as a variety of maritime vessels, from Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) to even the largest aircraft carrier. Its compact variant is suited for use in logistics and B-vehicles, as well as aboard smaller RIBs and assault craft.


IMP provides full connectivity into its onboard network with instant access to communications, both inside the vehicle and outside into the wider tactical radio network. Each crew member has their own wearable Personal Communications Unit, which connects with the distributed onboard network via interface ports positioned throughout a vehicle, or vessel.


“This frame agreement has been very involved and complex, but in delivering this big order right on time to an extremely demanding schedule Savox has risen to the challenge and exceed expectations! The client is delighted, the proof of which is that we are currently in discussions to extend the scope of the initial agreement,” Kettunen concluded.



Also on the Savox stand at DSA will be the THOR Tactical Headgear for changing Operational Requirements. THOR was unveiled last autumn in Europe and the Middle East, where it has already been adopted by a number of leading defence and security end users.  Developed initially for the Finnish Future Warrior 2020 Programme, the headgear system is, potentially, an ideal component for any of the many future infantry soldier modernisation programmes, underway globally.

Thor - Total information solution for your protection

Savox will be making announcements relating to both land-based applications of its systems, as well as developments about key maritime wins.



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